Do you dream about going on family bike rides?


Are you confused about the best way to carry or tow your baby or toddler?

We can get you riding in time for a summer of fun

At Cycle Sprog we help parents get cycling with their kids.

We take the hassle out of the decision-making so you can concentrate on having fun family times riding together - whilst also enjoying all the benefits of being a cycling family.

Our course "Understanding Cycling Gear for Babies and Toddlers" is designed for busy parents who want to get out riding again ASAP!

Don't waste these precious years - get out riding with them this summer.

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Do you want to pass on your love of cycling to your children?

✔️  Do you feel like there's no time to investigate all the different kit options on how to safely carry or pull your child?

✔️  Does it seem that other people have got it all sorted whilst you're still struggling to work out what to do? 

✔️  Are you frustrated that you can't start planning this summer's adventures?

✔️  And when it comes down to it, are you worried your child is going to miss out on the joy that cycling as a family brings?

We can help you!

Our online course "Understanding Cycling Gear for Babies and Toddlers" is here to help!


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In this online course you will discover

  • The best equipment to pull and carry your child
  • Ways to carry two or more children by bike
  • How to get your child riding their own (when they're not old enough to pedal)
  • Accessories that make cycling with little ones easier

By the end of the course you will know which equipment will best suit your family, and be raring to go on your own family cycling journey!

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Meet your tutor: Karen Gee

Hi there!  I'm Karen and I know exactly how it feels to want to cycle with your kids, but not know where to start - because I’ve been there too.

In fact when my eldest was little I didn’t even know you could cycle with babies and toddlers!

Once I discovered things like bike seats and trailers existed our family life changed for ever.

I started Cycle Sprog in 2012 to share what I was learning so other parents could enjoy cycling with their children too.

My kids are now in their teens and we’ve made so many special family memories by cycling together - from the daily ride to school to cycling adventures around the world (and much closer to home).

I love helping other families get the same joy from riding bicycles, and see them making memories to last a lifetime.

Let me help you get riding
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